Intro to Partner Acro

New to Partner Acro? Ready to learn or review the basics?
this class will teach you the basic terminology and fundamentals of Partner Acro and teach you how to safely Spot, Fly and Base.  Comprehensive yet easy to understand instructions will allow you to get started on basic poses and their variations until you’re ready to stitch them together into your first training sequence!

Acro-Yoga w/ Props (Advanced)

Confident with Partner Acro? Ready to combine Acro and Object Manipulation?!
This curriculum will overview the fundamentals of object manipulation and introduce how it’s theories relate and combine with Partner Acro.   Heightened attention will be placed on prop positioning, transitions and sequencing so students discover routines ultimately with the intention of lighting their props on fire!

Therapeutic Partner Yoga

This class is a must take for movement artists wanting to expand their partner body therapy techniques.
Students will learn sequences where they safely lead their partners through effortless, gravity defying stretches which play on natural body alignment and ergonomic positioning.  This class combines breath-work, thai massage, partner yoga and partner stretching to curate a truly restorative partner therapy experience.