Intro to Staff (Beginner)

Learn the fundamentals of Flow Staff. Introduction will cover Rotation, Timing, and Body Positioning.  Class will teach drills and training exercises made to safely introduce participants to the Flow Arts and leave with a greater understanding for Object Manipulation and their body’s proprioceptive abilities in general. 

Intro to Contact Staff (Beginner)

Feel comfortable with off-body Flow Staff? Ready to learn Contact?
This class will incorporate drills and training exercises designed to teach participants how to comfortably control their bodies to manipulate a staff without their hands.  Concepts like Body Positioning/ Prop Alignment, Propelling Force and Directional Timing will be broken down and students will leave with tips and drills which will set them up to be more successful Contact Staff Manipulators.

Intro To Double Staff (Beginner)

Never played with two sticks before? This class will leave you inspired and ready to take on the the world of Double Staffs!
Come learn the fundamentals of Double Staff or hone you're already developed skills. No matter if you're an expert or a novice, this class is guaranteed to teach you something and leave you ready and inspired to pursue the art of Double Staffs!
Together we will dissect how Planes, Timing and Direction relate to Double Staffs and you will leave with a greater understanding of how Transitions and Footwork can help you create your own unique Double Staff patterns.

Advanced Contact Staff

Feel comfortable with the basics of Contact Staff and are ready for more?
This curriculum is designed to help you expand your existing understanding of Contact Staff and ‘smoothen’’ your staffs movements.  This class features drills which compartmentalize each technique while fostering a heightened attention on the transitions necessary to achieve the tricks and sequences you so desire.  

Advanced Double Staff

Ready to take Tech Staffs to the next level?
This workshop will re-visit the Grid Theories and introduce organized drills to expand on their foundations.  With a heightened emphasis on footwork and 3-Dimensional variations to Anti-Spin and Isolation combinations, this class surely leave you inspired to endlessly discover your unique combination of Double Staff shapes and patterns.

Double Staff Grid Tutting vs. Antibrids

Are you looking for ways to integrate Dance into your object manipulation?
Do you like to Tutt? Do you want to learn how to Tutt? Do you want to combine Tutting with your Double Staff Grid Manipulations?
Well then this class is for you!

Double Staff Trap Workshop

This class is for students who are comfortable with Double Contact Staff and are ready to learn Staff on Staff Contact (SOSC). After an introduction of the various Trap positions, students will learn drills to help them solidify their SOSC technique and explore the limitless transitions this style encourages.

Intro to Contact Triple Staff

This class is designed for students whom are already comfortable with the fundamentals of Contact Double Staff.  

If you understand ’Traps’, ‘Steve’ and ‘Angel Roll’ techniques, this class with teach you how to combine these types of movements into 3 stick patterns.  After learning a couple fundamental transitions, you’ll be creating your own fluid sequences in no time! 

While there are many avenues of Triple Staff, including but not limited to ‘Toss Juggling’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Devil Stick’, this class focuses specifically on ‘Contact Juggling’.  All Stick Sizes Welcome!

Triple Staff Workshop - Chest Cascade Variations

Do you already feel comfortable with chest cascades?  Take this workshop to learn new drills and concepts surrounding chest cascades to level up your skills!

Triple Staff Traps and Shields

This workshop focuses on 'Traps' used in Triple Staff manipulations and introduces different 'Shields' complete with unique transitions to get into them.  

Advanced Triple Staff Concepts

This is a free-form workshop where we discuss triple staff 'rules' and concepts in hopes of pushing their boundaries and innovating the art of Triple Staff together.  (Advanced Students Only)