Since the origins of human expression, dance and music have been closely intertwined.  Both art forms have validated and supported one another while simultaneously stimulating their intertwined progress and evolution.  

It is no surprise that now artists are craving a way to fuse the two.  

Instead of dance always being dictated by music, this project creates an avenue for expression where movement and sound are combined as one.  

‘Flow Arts’ is the contemporary term for movement artists who fuse object manipulation and dance.  The tools they use (i.e. staffs, poi, ect…) stem from ancient martial arts but have been non-weaponized by today’s culture and repurposed as tools for expressive movement and dance.  

Spinstruments use modern technology to create a kinesthetic harmony and give a voice to these ancient movements.  

The ‘Spinstrument’ Project is headed by Ben Cooper and Enrico Vinholi.  It’s goal is to combined sound, spinning and harmony.

The project began in 2014 when Enrico and Tatsuya created the first Sound Staff.  Around the same time completely unbeknownst in Australia, Ben Cooper developed the Sound Poi.  When Ben and Enrico met in 2018 they new they had to join forces to develop the future of instruments, object manipulation and movement art.  
We are currently trying to acquire funding to continue research and development on the project in order to create a marketable product for public use.

The Sound Staff Project was initially developed by Enrico Vinholi and Tatsuya Ishii. Its goal is to provide a unique audio-sensory experience designed for learning and performance purposes.

In 2016 their Sound Staff prototype was awarded the 'Fund the Flow Arts' grant and Enrico and Tatsuya were able to continue developing it in Japan.

The Sound Staff Project is currently being redeveloped by Enrico Vinholi and Ben Cooper.