Movement Art classes tailored specifically for kids!

Enrico has been teaching youth for over 10 years. He has developed youth curriculums for after school programs, dance studios, circus performances, youth martial arts studios and gymnastics academies. He has a degree in Psychology, is CPR certified, USGA Safe Sport certified and has volunteered teaching over 3.000 children all over the world including Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya. Enrico spent 3 months traveling with Performers Without Borders and currently works as a Youth Gymnastics Coach in Washington. Enrico can safely teach youth:

  • Expressive Movement/ Dance

  • Partner Acrobatics

  • Circus/ Object Manipulation Skills

  • Intro to Gymnastics

  • Stretching and Conditioning Principles for Kids

Flow Arts for Kids!

The flow arts are for everyone! This workshop series will safely introduce children into the world of "flow arts" or prop manipulation via expressive movement activities. This fun and explorative workshop will inspire children and leave them with a heightened awareness and appreciation for their bodies and all the amazing things they can do with them. No previous training necessary. (6 and up)

Available for childcare. Group rates available. Inquire by email.